Proverbs 1:10 “My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.”neon come run with us sign

Whom you work with and what their goals are matter. A lot. Don’t go along with evil people to do evil. Be careful of the character of those you work with and deal with.

We know that all men are sinners – all have sinned, including us. This verse, however, is talking about people who are characterized by sin and have goals that are sinful. Be alert when people of bad character try to talk you into doing something. If their behavior is bad, it’s likely their actions are bad. Don’t let peer pressure (which affects adults too!) push you into doing something that is wrong with people who are wrong. Use discernment and have courage.

What kind of evil plan might we be drawn into? The next six verses shed light on it. The evil will try to get the righteous to help them take advantage of people for profit. They form an undertaking to catch innocent and unsuspecting people, people who haven’t done anything to deserve being preyed upon, and do things that will hurt or even kill those people in order to profit from it.

We get that this is wrong if you’re forming a gang to go rob a convenience store at gunpoint. But this is warning you not to throw in with them, not just physically, but even financially (verse 14). It’s warning you not just to avoid participating in their specific wicked plot, but to avoid associating yourself with them or imitating them (verse 15).

There are always people who will deliberately take advantage of the innocent and unsuspecting, harming them in order to make a profit. It can be a gang of street thugs, it can be scam telemarketers, human traffickers, people taking advantage of illegal immigrants, and it can be big banks with hidden traps in the fine print of contracts. Humans follow swiftly in the creative footsteps of their father the devil in the number of ways they can devise and justify profit from the pain and loss of others.

I’d like to think that no one in our church, or in the true body of Christ, would ever devise one of these predatory schemes. But the warning here is to stay away from, don’t support, don’t join with, the people who do prey upon others, no matter how great the profit may seem to be. There are many otherwise honorable people who will join financially or politically with people who prey upon others, thinking that the good they will gain is greater than the harm they will participate in.

As Christians, for the sake of the honor of the name of God, and for the sake of wisdom itself, we should be careful about our personal business dealings. If you’re working with people who will take advantage of others for profit, what do you think they’ll do to you? It’s just not wise to join with them. It’s in their character to head toward doing wrong, head toward destruction. They’re in a hurry to shed blood – whether literally violent, or just cold-bloodedly willing to harm others for their own benefit.

When people like this approach you to join with them in a venture that will involve taking advantage of someone, no matter how profitable it looks, don’t go along with them. Stay off the course that they are on. The path of evil men with evil plans leads only to evil – and you don’t want to be with them when they reach the end of that road.