As we strive to balance our desire for worship, fellowship, and ministry with what we know about the Corona virus sweeping the world, here are our current procedures.

Since our congregation numbers less than the 100 people recommended as a maximum by our county’s health department, we will continue to hold regular services, but with some limitations and requests.

We are suspending our youth, AWANA, bus, and van ministries for the time being. Until we know more about the disease, we are avoiding putting numerous people in tight spaces like vehicles.

If you have recently experienced symptoms consistent with the Corona virus (especially fever and cough), or been in close contact with someone else who has, we ask you to refrain from attending. If there is some way we can help you, please contact us.

If you are at high risk of a serious case of this disease, you may wish to avoid services. While we want to minister to those whom we can, we do not wish to place anyone in unnecessary danger. Again, if there is any way we can help you during this time, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We ask that if you attend, please avoid physical contact with others present.

Please keep some distance between yourself and other people – our auditorium is spacious enough for people to spread out to a reasonable distance. Some sources recommend six feet of personal space.

Please wash or disinfect your hands regularly and thoroughly. It’s also a good idea to deliberately avoid touching your face.

As the situation develops, we will make adjustments based on what we hear from medical professionals. We will update here as necessary. And once again, if there is some way we can help you in this situation, feel free to contact us.