The Belt of Truth


The Armor of God  (Part 1)

The Belt of Truth

     The King James Version of the Scriptures translates the Spirit’s instructions in Ephesians 6.14 as “having your loins girt about with truth.”   Historically, such literally had to do with protecting the pelvic region.   To “gird the loins” during the Roman Era meant to draw-up and tie the lower garments between one’s legs in order to increase mobility and agility.   It prevented the loose ends of the tunic from becoming snagged on something or entangled with one’s feet.   As a soldier, anything that would prevent stumbling or falling down completely was worth the effort.

With those cultural notes in mind, the Spirit’s timeless message is plain.   Make the effort now to tie up any loose ends that could cause you to stumble or fall in the daily spiritual battle!   Be sharp, alert, and ready to respond to temptation with mobility and agility.   As Peter instructed, “gird up the loins of your mind” (1 Pet 1.13, KJV).   Literally, prepare your mind for action.

Think about it.   When and where does all sin begin?   Is it when a sinful thought or image first enters our minds, or when we choose to continue thinking on, fantasizing about, and entertaining the sin?   The answer lies with the difference between temptation and transgression.   Generally speaking, we have little, if any control over the temptations we run across on the battlefield.   But we are in complete control of our responses to temptation.   We can choose to indulge the sinful passions of the flesh, or we can redirect our minds to the revealed truth of God, just as our King demonstrated.  ~Jason Hardin



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