Assembling Again!

Love, prudence, and wisdom urged us to pause our physical gatherings as a church. However, with the curve of the disease’s spread flattened and more now known about how it spreads, we believe that we are able to wisely and lovingly begin to resume ministering to one another and others in person, as Christ generally intends for us to.

Due to the coronavirus still running rampant, though, some changes are necessary to the way we have been worshiping and working. Here is our plan for the time being.

People who are at high risk or otherwise uncomfortable should treat this situation like icy roads and make wise decisions for their safety and the safety of those around them. The command to not forsake assembling ourselves speaks of a willful neglect, not a temporary action for now so that more can be done together later.  We would rather have you with us for years to come than only a few more weeks because of a rash decision.

Our plan is subject to change based on developments in the situation and our knowledge, but after research, prayer, and thought, here is what we have come up with for schedule and procedures.

Tentative Schedule:

  • Begin Sunday morning services on June 7.

  • IPGs resume June 13, meeting outdoors as possible.

  • Sunday night services resume June 21. Bro. John Hutcheson of Frontline Ministries is planning to be with us!

  • Wednesday night Bible study resumes in early July (exact date TBD).

  • Sunday School is on hold until we determine how to arrange classrooms.

  • AWANA, youth group, van, and bus ministries are on hold until we ascertain their safety.

  • Choir is on hold until we ascertain its safety.

Policy for services:

This may seem unnecessarily careful and restrictive to some, but we must consider not only our own safety, but also the safety of those around us and our testimony before the community. We’ll try to move back toward more “normal” procedures as soon as we can, but we must minister in wisdom and love.

  • Please use the front door only. It will be propped open before and after services.

  • Bulletins will be placed in permitted seating locations for households to help with social distancing. Please do not sit close to someone who is not already in your house. This is one of the most important things you can do for everyone’s safety.

  • Please avoid physical contact and closeness with anyone who isn’t already in your house. Six feet is the recommended minimum distance.

  • If you are medically capable, please wear a mask. If you don’t have one, contact Wenonah Robelen, and she will make you one for free.

  • Those who aren’t wearing masks, please refrain from singing aloud in order to limit the spread of the droplets which can carry the virus.

  • Nursery is suspended for the time being.

  • Junior church is suspended for the time being.

  • Please stay in the auditorium area of the building as much as possible. This means avoiding going downstairs or into the fellowship hall, which means that for the time being, there is no coffee and fellowship time before the morning service.

  • Hymnbooks have been temporarily removed, due to the difficulty with disinfecting them.

  • Our offering will be taken up by the ushers rather than passing the plates. You may also give using the box in the narthex or online through our website at

  • Please fellowship outdoors rather than in the building as much as possible. I’m sure you’re eager to see each other in person, but it appears much safer for everyone to talk outside before and after services rather than inside.


It will be wonderful to see you again in person! As we return, let us continue to give thanks to God for the safety He’s given us so far, and let us continue to operate in a spirit of love and discernment.


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