Wild Beast Feast Follow-up

A hearty thanks is in order to all who helped make our Wild Beast Feast what it was.

People of all ages gather around wild game dishes
Packed table at Wild Beast Feast 2017


Many of you helped in many ways: praying, setting up, taking down, cooking, advertising, planning, decorating, providing door prizes, and more.  And it all paid off.  We had over 130 people here (the largest event we’ve had in years), including more than 80 guests (people who don’t normally attend Dexter Gospel Church).  Many of them were unchurched and as far as we know unsaved, and they heard the gospel clearly presented.  We also ended up with 21 wild game dishes featuring 12 different creatures.  In all, it was a terrific time, Christ was honored, and the gospel went out.  All glory to God for raising up those who worked to that end.  We’re already laying the groundwork for next year, scheduled for March 16, excited about what God will do then!