Thank you for taking a moment to look at our website and allowing me to introduce myself!

As a pastor, I desire to make a difference for eternity by living and teaching the Word of God and by helping others do the same. I’m honored to have the opportunity to do that here with Dexter Gospel Church.

Pastor Dan Robelen

I received Christ at a young age, and I was raised by a Christian family in fundamental Baptist churches in Virginia. After dedicating myself to full-time Christian service during a summer at the Bill Rice Ranch, I attended Pensacola Christian College. There I met my wife, and there I really began in ministry.

After marriage and a master’s degree, my fledgling family and I moved up to Staten Island, NY, where I served as an assistant pastor. The Lord then led us down to North Carolina, where I served for nearly a decade, first as an assistant, then as a senior pastor. Now we’re excited that the Lord has us serving together with wonderful people here in Dexter.

Speaking of wonderful people, my wife is Wenonah, my oldest daughter is Anna, my son is David, and my youngest daughter is Lydia. We have also had a foreign exchange student for each of the last few school years.

As far as personal interests go, along with the spiritual equivalents of these things, I particularly enjoy fishing and wrestling. If you stalked me for a few days, you might also catch me reading, writing, playing music and singing, gaming, or dabbling in some old or new interest with my children.

Robelen Family

I’d love to get to know you too, so feel free to get in touch with us! If there’s any way I can be a blessing to you, please let me know.

Thanks again!

Pastor Dan